Take Care of Dry Skin in Winter | Few Tips


The magic of winter’s cold breeze, snowflakes, and bonfire often fade away by the unpleasant dry skin issues. The onslaught of the long haul of itchy, dry and flaky dry skin just turns the winter experience to a bitter one. A good moisturizer is not always a solution and as dry the winter is, more care you need. Your skin may need a bigger toll to stay alive in this dry weather. Here are some tips and bits of advice which can help you maintain a glowing skin in winters.

Hot Shower? A BIG NO!

The hot shower may feel good at that time, but it actually, damages skin surface and accelerate dry-skin related irritation. Excessive dry skin may lead to eczema or serious skin inflammation such as redness, scaling of the skin or itching. Moreover, you must not rub your skin excessively during the shower as that can worsen the condition.

Mild Soap or Gels Only!

Surveys show that almost 85% of women are not aware of the products that are suitable for their skin. If you are the one with dry skin, always go for a natural product oriented mild soap. It’s very essential for us to realize the need for small products that can make a big difference; a glycerine enriched soap or sandal or honey or natural ingredients made soap.

Avoid Air Heaters

Having some hot air around definitely sounds mesmerizing but is not recommended for the dry skin peeps. Using central heating unit or air heaters can be the big reason for skin damage such as blotchy, chapped and painful skin in winter.

Woollen Fabric Should Not Touch Your Skin!

The woolen fabric may seem a blessing for winter days but in reality, it moves moisture away. Woolens often lead to dry itchy skin and continuous rubbing worsens the condition. Always wear cotton under the woolen clothes to avoid any further skin damage in winter.

Switch to Heavy Creams!

Finally, dry skin needs a lot of; and you must provide a good amount of nourishment to your dry skin. Use heavy creams made with glycerine or aloe vera or honey to add the extra moisture lock, your skin wants in the freezing weather.

Do You Need More Care?

Visit a dermatologist if the above tips do not help your dried skin to rejoice. You may require a prescription ointment or cream or treatment to reduce the discomfort.

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