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  • aiyush taneja
    2 weeks ago
    Absolutely rude and insolent staff, my regular dermatologist was not in the country. Decided to consult him, the appointment system doesn’t work, was made to wait for an hour and a half. The staff at reception have absolutely zero civic sense, and could use anger management training. Condition of the clinic was pathetic, was in shambles. No social distancing policy was being followed, patients crammed in a room. No sanitizers were kept around too. The place is a covid hotspot waiting to happen. Do not waste your money, time and if you have any self respect, do not go to this doctor, unless you want to be yelled at by his staff.
  • mohit sharma
    3 months ago
    I visited this clinic yesterday for my sister. The staff was pathetic. We were charged a hefty amount of 1500 because we were bit late from his timings and they called it as an emergency. Though i paid, was expecting anything informative but we were not even told the problem ( any reasons or what the problem actually is) any precautions need to be taken or food like nothing.. they didnt tell anything. Today when my sister is in pain, i am messaging and calling them again and again to know some precuations but the staff and doctor are not replying since morning. See the arrogance and mistreatment level. The worst doctor and staff i have ever seen. Please do not ever visit this one. Please suggest any other doctor if you guys know.
  • Chetan Jadhav
    3 months ago
    One of thr best skin care clinic in delhi. Highly recommended. Good service.
  • Ghazi Muheeb
    3 months ago
    Absolutely not worthy. Though myself am a doctor he Doesnt have any knowledge about laser therapy. My main issue was scars on nose. Even the pics of patients he treated didnt show any significant improvement. Poor experience.
  • parth bhardwaj
    a month ago
    I have a birth mark on my neck in a fixed area , is it can cured?? 😑

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