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  • Sanjana Yadav
    7 months ago
    Doctor(Dr. Paul) and his staff very suppportive and motivating. All informations were given clearly and problem was solved. No problem with post treatment discussions and query solving. 5 stars from my side.
  • suman rojaria
    7 months ago
    Dr paul is best skin specialist for all skin problems with very good nd effective results.
  • anil kumar
    7 months ago
    Staff is not very professionally organised. Waiting time can be more than 2 hours. Doctor go away in belwteen for 20-30 minutes to OT. On time appointment should be there to make clinic organised else if you have plenty of spare time you may visit.
  • Aarti sharma
    7 months ago
    One of the best dermologist. Very friendly nature and you got answers of your all queries regarding your diseases. Best treatment due to which i recovered very fast. Best facilities available for vitiligo patients. I am very thankfull to Dr.paul
  • Simran Kalra
    10 months ago
    Dr. Paul is a very helpful and understanding person . I’ve been suffering from acne from a few years and his treatment has really helped me out . I’m even getting my kelloid treated and it is much better now . The staff is also cordial and helpful .

Case Studies

Melanocyte Cell Transplantation or MCT as Vitiligo Treatment

This surgical approach is now being considered as “may be a cure”. Unfortunately, science is still not able to find a permanent cure for this condition but there are many cases where Melanocyte Cell Transplantation (MCT) Melanocyte Keratinocyte Transplant Procedure (MKTP) as Vitiligo Treatment has made wonders.

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Cleanliness is a Bad Habit

Of late I have been seeing so many patients in our Dermatology OPD with hands which are dry, parched, itchy, irritated and have got cuts. Their history points out to a peculiar habit of washing their hands frequently and as I dig deep into the number of times their hands are subjected to scrubbing, soaps, hand washes, sanitizers, wet tissues etc.

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300mm Hg Suction pressure

Suction Blister Grafting

Suction blister grafting (SBG) is a procedure wherein epidermis is harvested from the donor site ie the thigh in the form of suction blister and then transferred to the dermabraded vitiliginous area(White Patches ). The graft acquires the characteristics of the recipient site, thus leading to a better color and texture matching and overall excellent cosmetic result.

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