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  • Anshul Juneja
    4 months ago
    Excellent Doctor.. would give precise medication and cure the issue quickly.. Very happy with my experience with Dr Paul. Thanks a lot of taking care of all Skill related ailments.
  • Akanksha Chandola
    4 months ago
    1 star because 0 star option is not there. One of my friend suggested me for this doctor for my hair fall problem. They are only sitting to earn money . My hair fall got increase and doctor is only saying “esa hota hai” without knowing the reason. Anyway , don’t waste your time and money. Not recommend at all.
  • Truth Teller
    4 months ago
    I have known and had been visitng Dr.Munish Paul at Paschim Vihar for the last 15 years. He was a briiant DR., very helpful and honest who really wanted his patients to be cured from the diseases which he specializes in. He would resolve my skin related problems in just one appointment by giving the right diagnosis and providing excellent guidance and treatment. Even his wife Dr.Shruti is very brliant, curteous and polite.The staff had also been ok earlier but since this very insecure receptionist guy Mr.NEERAJ had joined, the overall experience has become equivalent to facing hell for no reason. Mr.NEERAJ is very rude and dominating. He can't handle any criticism. Moreover, I never had any issues with him but yes the other lady staff member would not do be laser hair reduction properly and often be very rude to me whenever I told her to do it properly, sometimes if the other sister/female staff was doing my laser, she would come in between my laser session interrupting the same which would make me very uneasy and uncomfortable. Hence, I politely provided a feedback regarding the same to the Doctor, the Doctor however been supportive earlier but later on 2-3 staff members including Mr. NEERAJ ganged up against me and may be they lied or what to the Doctor, that the Doctor's behaviour suddenly changed and even started giving improper advice, the doctor once told me to get a clean up treatment done for my treatment but at the time of the treatment I came to know by MS.SHASHI that she would be using the needle to pop my white heads and black heads, and after discussing about the same I went forward with the treatment as I was told that it would be done superficially and nothing will happen, but when the treatment was done MS.Shashi completely ruined my face by inserting needle all over my face, my face was badly swollen and Dr.MunishPaul only said aisa ho jata hai and it will recover, he took rs. 3000-4000 to completely ruin my face as that treatment rather gave me deep scars and red marks all over the face and I had to get another treatment done from somewhere else for the damsge that he caused to my face.whenever I visited him Mr.NEERAJ always tried to demean me for one reason or the other. One day I went to the clinic in formal wear with two of my family members and Mr.Neeraj unnecessarily commented to the other female staff "kapde dekh inke" I tried complaining about all this behaviour to the DR. but Mr.Neeraj and other staff played it quite well in order to secure their job, this is the new trend that they have started, koi aaye complaint kare toh usi ko bura bana do, doctor toh waise bhi cabin mein hote hain, such people dont care ki kaha baithe hain, hospital ya clinic mein baithe hain job karte hue and harassing patients rather than providing them with a positive atmosphere so that they get cured.Not only this, due to this one gandi machhli called Mr.NEERAJ Dr.Paul has also become like him. I once was facing aggrevation of my skin issues but at the reception Mr.NEERAJ was like achha complaints karte ho tabhi aise beemar ho rahe ho, and dr.Munish paul was also like aap to pehle bahut complaints karte the na. I would like to ask everyone including respected Dr.Paul and his staff including this Guy mr.Niraj that do u always have good experiences in life? Wat do u urself do wen u face the bad treatment from the staff anywhere or the doctor utself?bina kuchh bole aate ho kya waha se? DR.never cared that I have been his old patient and gave many references as well, all he cares about is Mr.Neeraj.not just this, their staff would sometimes tell me to not to pay for a minor consultation as Im already getting laser treatments done but while saying this to me they would also falsely comain to the doctor that I dont pay the consultation fees. Also Mr.Neeraj deliberately made me pay high amount for laser maintenance session whereas the sr. Had previously told me that coat wouls always redice over time.i always had a high regard for you Doctor but u know it from inside thattheyhavedraggedyouaswellinto their dirt&insecurities.
  • Sneha S
    a month ago
    Niraj the receptionist is a dog. Doctor on the other hand is arrogant.
  • arushi jain
    7 months ago
    the doctor and the staff are all inexplicably rude. I tried to discuss my problem with the doctor and he dismissed it by saying "do whatever you want". pathetic behaviour.

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