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  • Simran Kalra
    2 months ago
    Dr. Paul is a very helpful and understanding person . I’ve been suffering from acne from a few years and his treatment has really helped me out . I’m even getting my kelloid treated and it is much better now . The staff is also cordial and helpful .
  • Bharat Ahuja
    4 months ago
    One place where you don’t see a doctor. He is a friend for life. Very understanding & patient individual who listens to you when you want to share something. Highly professional staff with a smile on their faces everytime.
  • Balwinder Singh
    2 months ago
    Hi.. I Sonia Singh based in Faridabad HR.i was very upset 1 year ago from the others Doctors like Faridabad. one day my sister suggested me to meet Dr Munish Paul, i think that was my life changing advised, I totally appreciated from Dr. Munish Paul Skin laser center. I am speakless for their treatment I have Seen tremonds change in myself .
  • priya bhushan
    4 months ago
    I am really happy that I was able to get my treatment done at Dr.Paul skin laser center.I had severe acne all over my face and on my cheeks. He is effectively treating well. The results were just awesome, the pigmentation and acne have started to vanish. I am grateful to the Dr. Munish paul who instilled confidence in me and helped me to get rid of my 1 year of suffering. Thanks for your help. I truly appreciate your genuine and excellent treatment. They deserve five stars for everything: Customer service, Quality treatment, Equipment, friendly nature and Excellent panel of Dr. Munish paul.
  • anupam kumar
    4 months ago
    Best skin clinic. Happy and satisfied with the result

Case Studies

300mm Hg Suction pressure

Suction Blister Grafting

Suction blister grafting (SBG) is a procedure wherein epidermis is harvested from the donor site ie the thigh in the form of suction blister and then transferred to the dermabraded vitiliginous area(White Patches ). The graft acquires the characteristics of the recipient site, thus leading to a better color and texture matching and overall excellent cosmetic result.

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Autologous Non-cultured Basal Cell-Enriched Epidermal Cell Suspension Transplantation in Vitiligo

Vitiligo patches (White Patches ) associated with white hair or vitiligo patches on the acral areas i.e. lip tip variety including dorsum of hand, foot, finger tips, toes, knees, elbows tend to respond poorly to medical treatment and the only treatment option is graftical

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Surgical management of acral vitiligo

Vitiligo patches (White Patches ) are the most difficult variety of vitiligo to manage The primary reason behind failure of treatment in these areas is the absence of viable melanocytes in the skin and the absence of hair follicles ,the second reason behind failure to achieve repigmentation in these areas is that there is disease activity

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