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    What Is The Difference Between Vitiligo And Albinism?

    ShareWhat Is The Difference Between Vitiligo And Albinism? Since the time you are born, you have pigmentation in your skin that gives it a color. When you are healthy, the skin color will appear normal. However, in specific cases, you will find the color become darker (hyperpigmentation) or go lighter (hypopigmentation). Sometimes, a person may … Continue reading "What Is The....

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    Can Segmental Vitiligo Be Cured?

    Can Segmental Vitiligo Be Cured?

    ShareWhat Is Segmental Vitiligo? Based on the distribution of depigmented areas, you can recognize two distinct variants of vitiligo. They are generalized or bilateral (non-segmental vitiligo) and localized or unilateral (segmental vitiligo). Segmental vitiligo remains unique and uncommon, characterized by dermatomal distribution. Due to its unilateral and asymmetrical nature, it never crosses the midline of … Continue reading "Can Segmental Vitiligo....

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    Segmental Vitiligo

    Segmental Vitiligo: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

    ShareWhat Is Segmental Vitiligo? Usually, when you paint a picture in your head about any human being, you see them with uniform skin color. However, sometimes you will come across some people that have experienced a loss of natural skin color. They have patches of white in some parts or all over their bodies. These … Continue reading "Segmental Vitiligo: Causes,....

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