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  • amita kocher
    4 months ago
    The best skin doctor in India as per my experience. Manish sir is amazing Dermatologist.
  • Umesh Sharma
    6 months ago
    Dr. Munish Paul is an excellent professional. I had the occasion to consult him in the past and would strongly recommend him.
  • Ekta Sethi
    a year ago
    Dr Paul is very supportive and a good advisor. I always feel like i get plenty of time to explain my issues without feeling rushed. Even the staff is great. I am very impressed with this facility.
  • Sanjana Yadav
    2 years ago
    Doctor(Dr. Paul) and his staff very suppportive and motivating. All informations were given clearly and problem was solved. No problem with post treatment discussions and query solving. 5 stars from my side.
  • anil kumar
    a year ago
    Staff is not very professionally organised. Waiting time can be more than 2 hours. Doctor go away in belwteen for 20-30 minutes to OT. On time appointment should be there to make clinic organised else if you have plenty of spare time you may visit.

Case Studies

Vitiligo Awareness Month: The World Belongs to Them Too!

ShareCreating a world of harmony for people with Vitiligo needs a lot of effort & understanding from us. This non-contagious skin condition associates a lot of taboo, stigma and myths which many of us believe without having an understanding of the condition. In Indian society, skin colour is no doubt a big factor for social … Continue reading "Vitiligo Awareness Month:....

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Vitiligo Treatment: Light Therapy & Surgery

ShareVitiligo is a skin condition characterised by white milky uneven patches. These patches can be treated to even tone the skin. The choice of Vitiligo treatment depends on various factors such as patient’s age, percentage of widespread, the progression of the disease and how Vitiligo is affecting one’s life. Light-based therapies are done to help … Continue reading "Vitiligo Treatment: Light....

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Know Vitiligo: Symptoms & Treatment

ShareVitiligo is a skin condition characterised by white patches on the skin. The patches can occur on any part of the body, even in the scalp and inner mouth. Our skin gets its colour from a naturally occurring pigment – melanin which is produced by melanocytes. Vitiligo or white patches occur when these melanocytes start … Continue reading "Know Vitiligo: Symptoms....

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