How to Avoid Vitiligo from Spreading?

How to Avoid Vitiligo from Spreading

Worried About Vitiligo Spreading?

You were living a regular life along with your family and friends until one day you spotted a white patch on the skin while looking in the mirror. When examined by a doctor you faced the reality that you have Vitiligo. In a world where confidence is derived largely from looks, you are petrified about this new skin disease and how it would affect your life.

However, you can still work around this disease and stop the white patch from spreading. In this blog, I will share all the necessary precautions and preventive measures that you can take to increase the chances of stopping Vitiligo spread. This includes food and vitamins you should include in your diet and food items you should strictly avoid. You can also click here Know About Vitiligo: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and More to get the complete information about Vitiligo.

Can You Prevent Vitiligo from Spreading?

If proper steps and precautions are taken then Vitiligo spread could be controlled to a large extent. However, there is no exact scientific evidence that any preventive measures can guarantee a hundred percent result.

How to Avoid Vitiligo from Spreading?

The worst part about Vitiligo disease is the discolored patches keep growing and slowly covering a major part of the body. However, there are ways in which this spread can be stopped or at least reduced to a large extent. Below mentioned are some of the ways in which the Vitiligo spread can be stopped.

1. Vitamins for Vitiligo Prevention

There have been reports wherein some patient’s skin discoloration is reduced due to the consumption of certain vitamins and minerals. These vitamins however do not have medical proof of its effect on Vitiligo. Below mentioned is the list of vitamins that could prove effective against Vitiligo.

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

Beta carotene


Amino Acids

Gingko Biloba

There are also certain minerals that have proved helpful in the prevention of Vitiligo including


Drinking water from a copper vessel has proved to increase the overall health and vitality of skin


Food that is cooked in cast iron utensils also have great health benefits to the body and skin


Although Zinc-rich food is generally prohibited to prevent Vitiligo, it is ok to have small amounts through supplements as this mineral also has huge health benefits.

2. Natural Vitiligo Prevention

The answer to most diseases and their prevention lies in nature. Vitiligo can be prevented to a large extent if the below mentioned natural remedy is used. However, there is no scientific evidence available that proves the exact effectiveness of any food or diet.

Despite lack of evidence, some people believe that at home natural treatment can prevent Vitiligo. Below are some of the popular home remedies

Lemon and sweet basil extract

Basil is known to have strong melanin-producing properties, hence using them can help maintain the skin color. A solution made of basil leave extract and lemon when applied to skin everyday can give great results.

Gingko Biloba paste

This paste is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine that is famous all over the world for its medicinal properties. Using a Gingko Biloba paste can prove effective in maintaining the overall health and color of the skin.

Turmeric and mustard oil paste

Turmeric has high medicinal properties and hence has been used in India for centuries. A mixture made up of turmeric powder and mustard oil when applied to the skin every day can stimulate the pigmentation of the skin, thus keeping Vitiligo away.


3. Foods to Eat and Avoid to Prevent Vitiligo

Scientific research has shown time and again that food plays a very important role in the functioning and wellbeing of the body. Hence it is no surprise that the type of food you eat can prevent and promote Vitiligo spread on the skin.

There is no official doctor prescribed Vitiligo diet but many pieces of research and experiments have shown the probability of some foods triggering Vitiligo disease while some foods acting as a shield from this disease.

Below mentioned are the food that you should include in your diet to prevent Vitiligo.

  • Banana
  • Apples
  • Figs and dates
  • Chickpeas
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Root vegetables like beets, carrots, and radishes

Below mentioned are the food that you should avoid in your diet to prevent Vitiligo.

  • Blueberries
  • Alcohol
  • Citrus
  • Coffee
  • Fish
  • Curds
  • Gooseberries
  • Grapes
  • Pomegranate
  • Pears
  • Tomatoes
  • Red meats

So to conclude If you make sure you take care of your skin by eating food that is high in vitamin and minerals and stays away from Vitiligo triggering food items, you will have healthy skin for life.

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