Excimer Laser


Excimer laser is an effective technique to treat Vitiligo and Psoriasis. Excimer laser delivers targeted, high-dose, monochromatic therapeutic light with wavelength of 308nm directly to the affected tissue without exposing healthy skin.

Excimer - Dualight

The excimer laser creates a concentrated, but painless, beam of ultraviolet light that is delivered to vitiligo patches through a hand piece. By targeting depigmented patches, the laser stimulates repigmentation and limits exposure to healthy skin. Excimer laser therapy is for patients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

The DuaLight® from California USA is a targeted phototherapy system delivers either UVB or UVA radiation to the skin to treat many conditions. When the skin condition calls for a localized situation, it’s best to use a targeted system to avoid exposing non-infected areas from radiation.

Advantages of Targeted Phototherapy

  • Exposure of involved areas only and sparing of uninvolved areas, thus minimizing acute side effects such as erythema and long-term risk of skin cancer on unaffected skin.
  • Quick delivery of energy and thereby shortened duration of treatment.
  • Delivery of higher doses (supererythemogenic doses) of energy because uninvolved areas are not exposed. Higher doses of energy can be delivered selectively to the lesions thereby enhancing efficacy and achieving faster response.
  • Shorten duration of treatment leading to less frequent visits to the clinic and thereby lessening inconvenience for the patient, sittings are given just twice a week.
  • The maneuverable handpiece allows treatment of difficult areas such as the scalp, nose, genitals, oral mucosa and ear.
  • Easy administration for children as delivery is hand-held.