Can Segmental Vitiligo Be Cured?

Can Segmental Vitiligo Be Cured?

What Is Segmental Vitiligo?

Based on the distribution of depigmented areas, you can recognize two distinct variants of vitiligo. They are generalized or bilateral (non-segmental vitiligo) and localized or unilateral (segmental vitiligo). Segmental vitiligo remains unique and uncommon, characterized by dermatomal distribution. Due to its unilateral and asymmetrical nature, it never crosses the midline of your body.

In segmental vitiligo, the depigmented spots spread quickly in the affected areas and suddenly halt their growth. More often than not, the melanocytes in your hair follicles can get impacted, too, resulting in leukotrichia. Now, depending on the extent of spread, your dermatologist will weigh the treatment options and recommend one that might work the best for you.

Today, you will learn more about the different treatment options for segmental vitiligo and how they work.

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Segmental Vitiligo Cure

Usually, medical therapy gets considered as an exclusive therapy for vitiligo. You will find two options that have worked in the past to treat localized or segmental vitiligo. Dermatologists use topical corticosteroids and topical immunomodulators like calcineurin inhibitors as treatment options. However, in recent times, non-medical therapies like phototherapy and UVB laser have come to the fore.

Is Segmental Vitiligo Curable?

Like in many other medical cases, early detection holds the key to finding an appropriate cure or treatment option. Therefore, in the case of segmental vitiligo, it’s no different. Once you notice any signs or symptoms of vitiligo, make sure you consult your skin specialist right away to get the treatment underway.

As you know, the permanent end to melanocytes leads to depigmentation, thus vitiligo. So, the cure or treatment of vitiligo involves re-pigmentation of the area that’s affected. Earlier, topical therapies, such as topical corticosteroids, among others, saw better results. However, now you will find narrowband UVB therapy and phototherapy working well for segmental vitiligo.

Although you may not find a permanent cure for segmental vitiligo, combination therapies help. They work in the proper distribution of melanocytes on your body. Since it affects the hair follicles, treatment procedures like hair follicular transplant help re-pigment the vitiligo patches.

Another therapy that might work in curing or treating segmental vitiligo is – melanocyte-keratinocyte transplant procedure (MKTP). Since segmental vitiligo stops its spread after a while, this treatment allows melanocyte transplantation as the immune cells do not kill the new ones that get produced. However, this procedure takes a few sessions to begin working as your dermatologist has to figure if the segmental vitiligo remains stable. Either way, transplanting melanocytes can get done with the help of the following procedures:

    • Punch grafts
    • Split thickness skin grafts
    • Blister grafts
    • Cellular grafts

According to some studies, cellular grafts seem to be working well in the treatment of segmental vitiligo.

When To See A Doctor?

When it comes to any health issue, the symptoms become your first sign that you need to visit a doctor. Similarly, if you find flat white patches or spots on your skin along with irregularly shaped patches or inflamed edges, you need to consult a dermatologist immediately.

While segmental vitiligo does not cause discomfort, it can affect your mindset due to various reasons. Therefore, seeking help at the right time might prevent you from any physical or psychological distress.


Any physical or health issue needs proper care and treatment at the correct time. Therefore, if you wish for your segmental vitiligo to get cured, you need to reach out to a qualified and certified dermatologist who can help you with it. Apart from the physical appearance, segmental vitiligo can cause some psychological effect on you. So, the doctor considers all these parameters before recommending the appropriate treatment method.

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