How vitiligo treatment can help boost confidence?

The world statistics for vitiligo shows that almost 1% of the population is going through this skin condition. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease where the immune cells attack & destroy the healthy melanin cells. This results in white patches appearing all over the skin, especially the sun-exposed areas. These patches are not contagious yet it affects an individual’s entire physical appearance. The condition indicts psychological stress enhancing social pressure on vitiligo patients that leads to emotional damage and their confidence to face the world, shattered.

To fight the emotional distress and face society with confidence, Vitiligo patients need to raise their confidence. Advancement in vitiligo treatment can help in stopping the widespread and may return the natural skin tone too. In vitiligo, the pigment cells in the skin die and fade away the natural color of the skin. The most complicated part of this condition is, it is dynamic and follows no pattern. Although no cure for such a condition exists, treatments are available to control the growth and bring the individual’s confidence back. A number of Vitiligo treatments are available today that helps patients cover their white patches and get back the natural skin tone.

The treatment can be classified into

  • Medical treatment: Oral / Applications
  • Light-based treatment: PUVA, PUVA sol, NB UVB, Excimer Laser and Light
  • Surgical treatment: Transplantation of skin or Melanocyte cells
  • Camouflage: Water resistant Make up to cover up the patches (Microskin)
  • Depigmentation: Removal of residual brown pigment in a case of extensive Vitiligo

Although the cure for this condition is not yet found but these treatments addressed above helps in hiding the patches and giving ‘normal look’. The normal look brings back the confidence in vitiligo patient. The progress of the treatment may take a bit of time but are extremely helpful in masking the white patches.

An individual chooses their own identity. They choose their own color, their own beliefs and their own ideals. Our society discriminates the different deeming them unfit or radical but their choices define who they are. An individual suffering from Vitiligo may choose to accept how they look and wear it on their sleeve and face the world with dignity, but those people whose vanity appeals to them about their physical appearance or are too shy to stand among the crowd and accept who they are, they have a way out with these treatments.

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