Having suffered from acne for over 4 years, I had visited around five to six doctors, but none could satisfy me as much as dr. Munish Paul did , with a minimum intakes of medicines, and after three peelings my skin felt better than ever. Pimples vanished in a month itself, and the scars are barely noticable now. Moreover, I really appreciate the fact that he gets over tests done regularly just do it once before the start of it.

As a doctor and as a person, Dr. Munish Paul is very approachable and welcoming. I am never hesitant getting him if answer the numerous questions I have.

I would recommend Dr. Munish Paul to every person.

Well Wishes

Saakhi Chadha   

I have been coming to Dr. Munish Paul since do not know when, his more a friend than a doctor to me. It's a very cherished Patient and doctor relationship. I have complete faith in his ways and have always highly recommend him to others as well. Over the years he has really prospered and created a niche for himself.

As my regards to wishes with him always to see a huge tomorrow.


I came to the Dr. Munish Paul Clinic a week ago, as I was suffering from warts. The time I entered Dr. Paul's clinic, I felt the ambience was quite comfortable, staff were well trained. Dr. Paul diagnosed me very next day as he doesn't want to take much time. He is an experienced with lots of knowledge. So now after a week, I am all fit and free from all my warts and the credit goes to Dr. Munish Paul.

My overall experience of this clinic was appreciated and I wish them all the very best for their future.


I came to this clinic with my mother for her skin problem, i.e., the allergy in her hand. We meet Dr. Munish Paul. He is a very nice and an experienced doctor. He prescribed few medicines to my mother. Within a few span of time, after having the medicines, she finally recovered from her allergy.

Finally, I can say that Dr. Munish Paul is very nice by the behavior. He gave plenty of the time to each and every patient, understands the problem of their patients in a very sophisticated manner.

Thanks to him.

Shashi Gandhar