Hairloss & hair growth myths debunked!

Many of us are unable to segregate myths and facts when it comes to hair loss. Well, the reason for this could be the myths being so deeply etched in our minds that we have come to believe them as real facts. This very reason has also made us oblivious to the real & true facts. To start with, we all have been hearing that hair loss is common & can happen to anyone regardless of age & sex. But do we really know if it is true or not? Here, in this article, we share expert opinions &scientifically proven facts by our dermatologists to bust the myths on hairloss.

  1. MYTH: Dandruff leads to hair loss.

TRUTH: It has been scientifically proven that dandruff and hair loss have no relation unless one vigorously scratches their scalp causing hair breakage. Dandruff may lead to dry & itchy scalp but not necessarily hairloss. Hairloss can only happen in cases where the dry & itchy scalp is not treated for an extended period of time.

  1. MYTH: Frequent haircuts enhances hair growth.

TRUTH: Hair is a non-viable tissue, and hair growth has no relation to haircutting frequency. Different haircuts or style may add to hair appearance but do not help in hair growth.

  1. MYTH: Scalp massage helps hair to grow faster.

TRUTH: Massaging the scalp has no direct effect on hair follicles, but prolonged massaging may cause frictional hair breakage.

  1. MYTH: Hair loss does not occur at a younger age

TRUTH: Hair loss can occur at any age for several reasons including hormonal changes. Ageing is never the only cause of hair loss.

  1. MYTH: Haircare products lead to hair loss.

TRUTH: Haircare products such as gel, conditioner, shampoo and hairspray do not cause hair loss. The culprits are the chemicals used in some hair dye manufacturing which cause baldness. Also, harsh heat treatments used in hair straightening or styling can cause hair loss.

  1. MYTH: Hair loss comes from one side of the family.

TRUTH: Hair loss and baldness are associated with approximately 200 genes. We receive genes from both sides of the family. So, the blame of baldness can go to both sides, not just one of maternal or paternal side.

  1. MYTH: Changing shampoos frequently increase hair fall

TRUTH: Our scalp never gets addicted to any shampoo, we can try out new shampoos but we must check the chemicals used in it.

  1. MYTH: Covering the head causes baldness.

TRUTH: Hair follicles get their oxygen from the blood and thus covering the head all the time does not cause baldness. Baldness or hair loss may occur due to friction caused by uncomfortable hats, covers or helmets.

  1. MYTH: Plucking out one strand of grey hair causes multiple grey hair

TRUTH: Melanin in the hair follicles decides hair colour. Absence of melanin turns a hair grey or white. But plucking one grey strand of hair does not multiply the number.

Apart from the above myths, we are also surrounded by various mythical home remedies to prevent hair loss. However, in reality they don’t work as expected. This always disheartens us and thus the best option is to always to see a dermatologist for expert opinion. Only accurate diagnosis of the cause and proper treatment can stop baldness.

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