Electrolysis: Get Rid of White Hair Which Can’t Be Treated by Lasers

The stubborn little fairish hair in the face are the worst one to always get noticed at the wrong time. This happens with many people at many times and the question comes to their mind is “is there any way to get rid of them?”. While unwanted facial hair and body hair can be removed permanently by laser hair removal but it does not work in the same way for white hair.

Some key facts about white hair:

  • The whiteness of hair may grow with increasing age due to decreasing melanin production. Absence of sufficient melanin to colour the hair makes them grow more translucent.
  • Women tend to get the white hair around face, chin, ear & eyebrows especially after menopause.
  • They are hard to remove by laser hair removal treatment due to lack of pigmentation.

Why white hair can’t be treated by lasers? 

In laser hair removal the laser waves work due to the presence of melanin in the hair. The high concentrated light is absorbed by the melanin chromophore which leads to hair removal. But if there is no melanin to absorb the light than it damages the skin only.

How Electrolysis removes white hair?

  • Electric current passes through the hair shaft and destroys the hair follicles and prevents hair from growing again.
  • Electric waves are not dependent on hair pigments and remove the hair permanently irrespective of their colours.
  • Eliminates white hair permanently.
  • Very minimal side-effects.

This method has been used for many years now and has shown efficient results. When done under medical supervision, the electrolysis hair removal treatment works as a wonder for the white hair.

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